Тема: Charter of the Clan

1. General

1.1 Clan - not a means of enrichment;
1.2 Clan - not a means of domination;
1.3 Clan not rules on servers, Clan rests;
1.4 Any Clan Member is a human being and each of them deserves respect, and each of them is your friend.

2. Hierarchy

2.1 The Main Oops is Ryark (position selected peer committee, which includes Substituents and their assistants);
2.2 Hierarchy of Substituents as follows:
2.2.1 TAPX, Luto, Allineer
2.2.2 byaka, CJIaDKuu, beholder

3. Rights of Clan Members

3.1 Each Member of the Clan has the right to hold any elective place, to nominate candidates and to be nominated himself;
3.2 Each Member of the Clan is entitled to help from Clan Members, Clan Leader and his Substituents;
3.3 Everyone has the right to table amendments to the Charter, the conditions of admission, Clan policy, strategy and tactics either directly to his/her temporarily chief, or in the forum.

4. Duties of Clan Members

4.1 Be loyal to the other players on server, regardless of your level in the game, the experience in the game/Clan/alliance;
4.2 It is because you are a Member of Clan OOPS - you have to be a human being;
4.3 Comply with morality and ethics, as adopted in the global community, your country, and in the Clan;
4.4 Assist, to the extent possible, Clan and alliance members;
4.5 Follow the policy of the Clan, developed in relation to the clans-alliance members and to the specific individuals;
4.6 Follow the hierarchy of the Clan, obey to the directly cheif, appointed by the Leaders of the Clan;
4.7 Attend in voice chat Ventrilo (Mumble, TeamSpeak, etc..) during the game.
4.8 Obey to the terms of Clan Charter, be faithful to It's spirit and the spirit of the Clan.
4.9 Daily attend the forum and be aware of the Clan affairs.
4.10 Visit the siege, despite the class, lvl, desire; if you can not visit - notify in advance in a special topic on the forum and, if possible, notify separately Party Leader, Substituents or Clan Leader.

5. Clan Member is strictly prohibited

5.1 To provoke Clan/alliance  members, force them to illegal actions/statements;
5.2 To disclose information intended only for internal use;
5.3 To ignore either Clan Leaders, or Clan/ally members without a good reason (reasons are being discussed by Leaders and they only decide, are the reasons good or not);
5.4 To make a confusion in the actions of the Clan and individuals, to promote cheating, deception of players, to act with racial or religious statements, to make statements on behalf of the Clan without authority, to offend other players, to break the rules of the server (except those that are approved for a violation by the Clan Leaders);
5.5 To flood in the Clan and alli chats;
5.6 To clarify the relationship without the participation of the immediate chief, Substituents or Clan Leader (any disputes between the Members of the Clan are solved in private correspondence or with the participation of supervisors of involved parties, either in the presence of the Leaders of the Clan (but in this case, be prepared for the fact that the decision may be unpleasant);
6.6 To violate the provisions of the statute, to distort their meaning or to call for that.

6. Finance of Clan

6.1 All financial and material resources of the Clan belong to the Clan and are distributed directly to his needs by the Leaders;
6.2 All financial and material resources obtained during the Clan events (epic bosses, raud bosses, clan-farm) belong to the Clan and must be put in CWH or given to responsible persons;
6.3 All claims, complaints and suggestions relatively to the property of the Clan is being discussed with Leaders in a special topic on the forum;
6.4 All contributions are divided into 2 types:
     a) Compulsory - being set by Leaders (focusing on the average Member of the Clan) and the same for all Members of the Clan;
     b) Voluntary - at the discretion of clan members (voluntary contributions are not the responsibility and do not give privileges - gratitude only).

7. Penalties

7.1 Do not visit the Clan forum for a week or more (except temporarily absent persons who reported his absence in the appropriate topic):
     • First case  - warning;
     • Second case - exclusion from the Clan;
7.2 The absence in Ventrilo (Mumble, TeamSpeak, etc..) during the game:
     • exclusion from the Clan;
7.3 Violation of the remaining paragraphs of the Charter:
     • at the discretion of the Leaders of the Clan and Members.

This is not the final version of the Charter.
Watch for changes.
Revision of 27.04.2009.
Translated into English 30.09.2014.